Shedding Skins

The 5 Rhythms is a simple, yet profound moving meditation.

The 5 Rhythms is not free form dance, but a practice. It is about showing up. When we enter the 5 Rhythms movement space, the invitation is to quiet the mind and welcome what is. All emotion, or the lack there of, all curiosity or even the desire to flee... all is welcome. The only requirement is to be true to what is and allow that authentic self to shine.

This is a physical practice, thus we move what is going on, allowing us to dig deeper for what lies underneath. This is an exploration. It is also an opportunity to move through.

This is transformational work wherein we accept the invitation to truly embrace what is real in our heart/mind/soul space through physical movement which allows us to find our true center and let go what has become excess, baggage or habit.

This requires no background in movement or dance. The 5 Rhythms can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, size or physical ability. We dance in the body we have. Just be willing to show up and bring a sense of humor and a bit of compassion along as well... for yourself.

Eugene Hedlund has been dancing the 5 Rhythms ® since February 2003 and has been a certified teacher of the Rhythms since October 2008. As a certified teacher this means that he completed a minimum of:

400 hours of Waves • 15 days of Heartbeat • 10 days of Cycles • 10 days of Mirrors

Plus 12 months of training with Gabrielle Roth and the Moving Center Faculty, including three 2+ week in person modules, spanning both coasts of the US, as well as a module in Europe in order to complete training certification.

Eugene is currently based in Orange County, California. He has danced throughout the United States and Europe with a myriad of teachers. He brings a passion for exploring the edge with courageous authenticity and embracing the shadow in order to discover what lies underneath to bring it into balance, as well as building community and tribe through the 5 Rhythms® as a chosen life practice. The 5 Rhythms® has always been a travel related practice for Eugene, and as such he is committed to bringing the work to communities throughout the US and beyond, wherever the work is desired.

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